Grandstream Telephone System

Grandstream-Dubai-UAETelephones are at the heart of every communication taking place within the premises of a business. To turn every call into your prospect you need to be on top of your business communication. And that depends as much on good telephone-systems as it is on experienced staff. It is always advisable to spend well in up-gradation or maintenance of communication equipment.

A good telephone-system enhances business operations without any doubt. It increases the productivity of the employees, reduces business costs and makes quick and easy contacts possible with the customers.
There are different kinds of telephone-systems available with different features, but your requirements suggest best about the type of telephone-system that you need to have. Some general telephone buying factors should be kept in mind.

The first thing to be considered is the number of people working in your office. The number of employees who work in your office will determine the number of units that will be required. Out of the total number of employees, you have to consider those who require telephone extension in some way or the other and who can share a phone set with the neighbouring colleague. By determining this, you can know how many extensions you want and will have to look for a telephone-system that supports that number of extensions.

In addition to the existing number of employees, you should also consider the growth rate that can be expected. When considering the number of extensions required, you should include the number of extensions that might be needed in the near future.

Phone traffic is another important consideration in the selection of a telephone-system. Some offices receive a far greater number of calls in a day than others do, and for those offices traffic control of calls is a major concern. So if a business gets a lot of calls, it will need a telephone-system that can take many calls at a time and has a voice mail feature too, in case the phone lines are completely busy, messages could be recorded by the callers.

When you choose a telephone-system, make sure there is licensed support and service available with it. It is also a good idea to talk to the people who manage the telephone-system in your office. This will help significantly in gaining an insight into the issues they are facing with the present phone system and what their requirements are regarding a telephone system.

The dealers of telephone systems also handle the installation and programming of the phone systems. In order to make sure that you get the best sale and after-sale services, take some time and analyse the operations of the dealer, as you will be entering into a long-term business relationship with them upon purchasing the telephone system.

Good dealers have experts who can analyse your business needs and then come up with the specifications that will be required for your business. Asking them in choosing the best features for your business won’t be a bad idea at all.

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